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Anthony Morrison

More about the personal life of Anthony Morrison

We all know about Anthony Morrison the author, Anthony Morrison the speaker, Anthony Morrison the entrepreneur, Anthony Morrison the millionaire but here we want to take a closer look at Anthony Morrison as a person.

Anthony Morrison: Charity

Anthony Morrison is a kind person. The charity that Anthony Morrison started is With this charity Anthony Morrison is helping to ensure all children have a wonderful Christmas each year. Anthony Morrison: “If you’re interested in volunteering to help visit our online website. ..”.

Anthony Morrison: Music

Anthony Morrison also likes music. Some of Anthony Morrison’s favorite artists are Chris Daughtry, Hinder, Evans Blue amongst others. Anthony Morrison loves Rascal Flatts, One Less Reason, and some other music.

Anthony Morrison: Movies

Anthony Morrison likes a lot of movies. One movie that Anthony Morrison likes is “The Notebook”. Anthony Morrison also likes funny movies. Anthony Morrison enjoys movies with Martin Lawrence or Will Smith in them. Anthony Morrison does not like horror movies.

Anthony Morrison: TV

When it comes to TV shoes, Anthony Morrison loves CSI Las Vegas and The Apprentice.

Anthony Morrison: Books

Anthony Morrison also loves to read books about people who have had success in business. Anthony Morrison’s next book titled “I Net Millions” was just finished which will be released in mid April.

Anthony Morrison: Heroes

On a more personal level, here are some of Anthony Morrison heroes:

“My dad because he is a great man and has taught me everything I know and made me who I am today. Hobson Brock who was my doctor my entire life until he passed away last year. I love them both with all of my heart”.

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